Eye Care Center

Centeris one of Cairo's most advanced one- day full service facilities providing comprehensive diagnostic and surgical ophthalmology procedures.   

Whether performing complex surgical procedures or a routine eye exam,We are thoroughly committed to deliver the utmost eye care.

staffEye Care Services

1. Cornea and Refractive unit .
2. Cataract and IOL Implantation unit .
3. Glaucoma unit .
4. Vitreo-retina unit .
5. Strabismus and pediatric ophthalmology unit .
6. Oculoplasty unit .
7. Low vision aids unit .
8. Hard contact lenses unit .
9. Cosmetic and refractive soft contact lenses unit .

SurgicalEye Scan Services

1. OCT .
2. Flaurescein angiography .
3. Visual Field .
4. B- Scan .
5. Pentacam .
6. Pachymetry .
7. Biometry .


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 Working Hours

Saturday to Thursday
9:00am - 10:00pm