Tips for Healthy Eyes

 Human eye is an amazing and delicate mechanism. And eye health is important for everybody. Keeping your eyes healthy is really not that difficult, just follow the simple tips below and your eyes will feel good.
1- Never use old make-up on your eyes, share eye make-up or use old wands in new products as this increase the risk of infection. We have had patients suffering with eye infections from applying out-of-date eyeliner and make-up, so give your make-up bag an overhaul and throw out old mascara and eye liner after six months.
2-Try to take a break from staring at your computer screen: it's important to give your eyes a break to prevent headaches, blurry vision and dry eye. Also, try to keep your monitor dust and fingerprint free as both can reduce clarity and cause eye strain.
3- Make sure you sit about 50-60 cm away from your computer screen and that there is no light reflecting off the monitor. If working for long periods in front of a monitor, try and take a break every 20 minutes to half an hour. Every 5-10 minutes look away from your screen and focus on a far away object. It helps to readjust the focus of your eyes
Every now and then close your eyes for a few second, it remoistens eyes and prevents dryness. Also try to blink more often .If you feel that you can’t stare at the screen anymore take a small break, get up, walk a little. It is recommended that you take 10 minutes off every hour you work on the computer, not only for the health of your eyes, but for your legs and back as well. Make sure the light isn’t too bright, if using a desk lamp it shouldn’t shine into your eyes or on the screen. It is best to put it sideways
4- Working in an air conditioned office or building can dry out your eyes even if you don't wear contact lenses, making them uncomfortable and itchy but a little fresh air will help.
5- Try and drink lots of water - as well as being great for your skin it can improve the moisture balance in your eyes, especially in air conditioned offices.
6- If you have something in your eye, don't rub it. The best thing to do is lift the upper eyelid outward and gently pull it down to cover the lower lashes causing tears to wash the object out of your eye. Lens wearers should take them out and clean them thoroughly.
7- Sunglasses help keep your eyes healthy by protecting them from UV rays - not to mention being a must-have fashion accessory.
8- Eating certain foods rich in antioxidants can keep your eyes in good health such as oily fish, nuts and green leafy vegetables. Other foods that help maintain healthy eyes are those containing zinc like red meat or rye oats, as well as strawberries, kiwis and oranges which are foods high in
vitamin C There are books written about how nutrition affects the health of your eyes. However it all can be summarized in a few words.Vitamins are very important for healthy eyes particularly vitamins A, C, B and E. One more reason to like veggies and fruits, especially all citruses and carrots. Zinc is also associated with healthy eyes.
9- Have your eyes tested as regularly as recommended by your optometrist (usually every two years). Optometrists can diagnose not just problems with sight, but major health issues too such as high cholesterol, liver damage and many others, so it's important to have a regular, comprehensive eye test.Have an eye exam at least every 12 month.Over a year your prescription can change and you might need different lenses. If you feel that lenses are not as comfortable as they used to be, it is possible that your eyesight changed and you need different correction. In this case see your doctor even it has been less than a year since your last visit.

 True and fun facts

  •  Each time you blink, you shut your eyes for 0.3 seconds, which means your eyes are closed at least 30 minutes a day just from blinking.
  • If you only had one eye, everything would appear two-dimensional. (This does not work just by closing one eye.)
  • Owls can see a mouse moving over 150 feet away with light no brighter than a candle.
  • The reason cat's and dog's eyes glow at night is because of silver mirrors in the back of their eyes called the tapetum. This makes it easier for them to see at night.
  • An ostrich has eyes that are two inches across. Each eye weighs more than the brain.
  • A chameleon's eyes can look in opposite directions at the same time.
  • A newborn baby sees the world upside down because it takes some time for the baby's brain to learn to turn the picture right-side up.
  • One in every twelve males is color blind.
  • Most people blink every 2-10 seconds.


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